Data Analyst

Europe Trip and Remote Working
 2005 to June 2007

As BT restructured my department offshore, I decided to seize the opportunity to achieve my lifetime ambition and tour Europe with my family. However, BT approached me with a lucrative offer and the opportunity to work for them while living in Portugal, as they required my extensive experience and skill set. I then took on the responsibility for training permanent staff in England as well as creating a system manual and user guide. During this period, in my spare time, I also built a number of websites, one of which was awarded the ‘Website of the Month’.

Data Analyst at BT Exact
2003 to June 2005

I am skilled in the loading, migration, verification, manipulation, cleanse and build of data on a variety of systems and in a wide range of formats. This includes the understanding of cross business unit processes and data interfaces with both existing and new systems. I have a proven awareness of data integration and integrity, with an awareness of the exploitation, advantages, limitations and use of the data.

Working in a remote team, I was responsible for customer inventory in the central repository for BT’s order and fault management systems which use Remedy as the front end application. For the majority of the week I worked remotely which utilised my self motivation and communication skills to the maximum. I managed and prioritised my own workload and had a number of disparate Major Corporation and high priority projects running concurrently.

  • Adapted existing tools to create bespoke unique applications for customers
  • Many commendations from customers for projects completed within timescales

Data Migration Solutions Developer/Analyst  at BT Global Services
2000 to 2003

Contracted to BT Global Services, I worked on many individual projects, migrating data in to the main CRM warehouse from a variety of sources. Often having to meet demanding timescales and deliver a robust solution from sometimes less than perfect source data and having to make complex decisions on which compromises needed to be taken to balance between the customers’ goal and the Business need. From an initial team of 12, I was also solely responsible for the quality and management of major blue chip company data in the customer relationship management system ‘Clarify’.

  • Extraction, migration, manipulation and cleanse of data in various types from various sources
  • Managed, designed and delivered the largest data cleanse seen in BT Global Services
  • Managed and delivered the migration of BT Global Services most profitable products, from a previous legacy fault management system in to the new Oracle based system. This was an essential part of a £2M project involving 120k complex customer records
  • Managed and delivered a successful data cleanse of 80 customer contracts involving 24k sites and 100k+ units of equipment, liaising with 30+ customer service Managers
  • Created bespoke tools to enable BT Netherlands staff to cross match data between two systems for migration